Q.1:  What is mobilejugaad.com?

Ans:  We are a forum for connecting Buyers with Sellers, hosting communications, publishing information and content about mobile(s) advertised for sale.  We acts as an online platform  to facilitate communication between Buyers and Sellers.


Q.2:  What are the advantages of using Mobile Jugaad?

Ans:  Mobile Jugaad connects buyers and sellers.  We supply buyers from all over the India so there is a higher demand for your phone. Higher demand means higher value. You can get the most money for your second hand mobile. When listing a phone for sale online, you will have to take pictures, write a thorough description, arrange the payment, and ship the phone.


Q.3:  How do I search for a mobile for me?

Ans:  Mobile Jugaad is a technology driven platform and allows user(s) to search for an mobile via entering “Keyword” as budget and brand of the mobile you are looking for. Users can also browse our well-defined and categorized catalogue as per the preference.  The Mobile Jugaad website also enable users to make further refinement in the results set via a vast selection of filters and sorting.


Q.4  How do I sell my mobile(s)?

Ans:  Generally, you list your phone for sale, include pictures and a price. If a buyer is interested, they can purchase the phone from you through the website. The website provides you, the seller, buyer’s information.  After the sale, seller will ship the phone to the buyer. To complete the process, the buyer and seller have the opportunity to leave feedback based on their experience with the other party.


Q.5 Where can I see my listing once it is live?

Ans:  You can see all your listings under "Recently Posted Mobiles".  It is imperative that you keep your listings up-to-date as buyers can write negative reviews for incorrect or misleading listings.


Q.6  How can I promote my listing

Ans:  We have tightly integrated social media with our website. We highly encourage you to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word in various online groups and across your networks.


Q.7  How do I get paid?

Ans:  We are not involved in transactions and interactions between Buyers and Sellers. Only you are responsible for establishing and/or maintaining contact with the Seller as appropriate.


Q.8  In which areas/regions do you operate?

 Ans:  We accept used mobiles from users anywhere in India.


Q.9  Why should I trust you?

Ans:  We appreciate that you put a lot of trust in us by sending us your mobile phone and we take that responsibility very seriously.  If you have concerns, we'd love to talk with you so please feel free to contact us.


Q.10  How can I reach Customer Care?

Ans:  Our customer care team can be contacted via Customer Support No. 0000 - 000 - 0000 Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 6:30pm IST or by email anytime at support@mobilejugaad.com.


Still have questions?

Contact us via call or e-mail us.  We will be happy to satisfy your queries.