Seller's Guide

Mobile Jugaad provides  easy way to sell mobile phones. 

Every year, phone manufacturers release new devices designed to make life even easier, with all kinds of new features. Naturally, millions of people snap up these new models. But what happens to their old mobile phones? They usually end up cluttering up drawers and gathering dust.

Don’t leave your old phone lying around: Sell your second hand mobiles at Mobile Jugaad for best price.

Mobile Jugaad helps you to sell your used mobile phones for the highest price. Online marketplaces are a great way to list your phone for buyers to find. Mobile Jugaad connects buyers and sellers.

Generally, you list your phone for sale, include pictures and a price. If a buyer is interested, they can purchase the phone from you through the website. The website provides you, the seller, buyer’s information. After the sale, seller will ship the phone to the buyer. To complete the process, the buyer and seller have the opportunity to leave feedback based on their experience with the other party. 

Mobile Jugaad supply buyers from all over India so there is a higher demand for your phone. Higher demand means higher value. You can get the most money for your second hand mobile. When listing a phone for sale online, you will have to take pictures, write a thorough description, arrange the payment, and ship the phone. 

We do not actually buy the phones ourselves so you would not have sent the phone to us. The way it works is that you go on to our site and search for your phone then our site provides your data to buyers. This means your order is not actually placed with us but direct with the phone buyer so you get the best deal when selling your old mobile.  Mobile Jugaad will allow you earn a higher profit from buying and selling second hand mobile. Just find a phone that is in excellent condition and get a great deal on it. Every day, hundreds-of-thousands of new mobile devices are sold and activated. When this happens, perfectly good, not-so-old mobile devices are set aside and often forgotten about. 

Just register your old mobile phones with Mobile Jugaad and  wait for the buyers.  One of the reasons why people do not sell their second hand mobile phones is because it seems like a hassle, which is why Mobile Jugaad has set up a business to sell your old mobile phones to best buyer. If you want to buy or sell any second phone, give us a chance!  We assure you to give a best deal.

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